What Will Never Change

Hi! My name is Amber. I’m the owner and founder of Vie Athletics.  Some of you I know very well, and others whom I look forward to meeting.  I want to tell you about the start of Vie, what we are learning, what’s to come, and what will never change.  Come along with me.  It’s […]

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My name is Amber. I’m the owner and founder of Vie Athletics.  Some of you I know very well, and others whom I look forward to meeting.  I want to tell you about the start of Vie, what we are learning, what’s to come, and what will never change.  Come along with me.  It’s going to be an incredible journey.

I rarely, if ever, use the Vie blog to write a personal note. The idea of it makes me nervous.  You see, I don’t want Vie to be lessened by the focus shifting to me.  It is so much more than any one person!  It’s bigger than one owner, one leader, one coach, one location, or even one member.  Our strength lies in togetherness.  It’s a collective effort and mindset of thousands of women who wish to see change in their lives.  Women who want to find their strength physically, emotionally, and relationally.  This is how Vie started!  The need for a place like this was always there. My vision was to build space for it to be fully expressed.  It’s obvious that it was not through my efforts alone that got us through these years.  I have had support from family, managers, passionate one-of-a-kind coaches,  and devoted members.  The late nights, the chalk boards, the social media posts, the training, scheduling, the programming, and expansion – most good things require more than one person and Vie is no exception. Hundreds of faces and smiles run through my memory when I think all the way back to day one.

The Beginning…

Vie is a French word that means life. I had no idea when I named it this how accurate it would fit the company in regard to growth. Vie started with 50 members in downtown Puyallup in January, 2016.  Most of these being friends and family I had to beg to join (thank you for sticking with me). I drew designs, read books, and attempted a business plan. Now, we are going to open our fourth location, thirty months later. This only happened through the grace of God and the support of the women in this community.  I fully believe, that with this powerful combination, we will continue to grow and help others.

Blood, sweat, and tears…

Growth doesn’t happen over night.  It takes blood, sweat, and tears.  It’s not for the anyone who tires quickly. As a team, efforts have been made to not just grow, but improve. We are creating more efficient processes and structures. I wrote a short book, hired new coaches, and made plans for more community events.  All of it has been done in love and respect for the women who go to Vie, women who work at Vie, and the ones who will join. You deserve everything I have to give. Efforts the Vie team puts into the community won’t be without some mistakes.  I ask that you have patience with us (especially me) as we grow and learn.  New and seasoned coaches will be learning. Brand-new methods will be tested.  Classes will shrink and classes will grow. The sisterhood will expand.

You can’t grow without change…

Often times, change is received with fear or uncertainty.  I don’t blame anyone for feeling either of these emotions!  I struggle with them myself.  Whether it’s change to routine, relationships, career, goals, or mindset, it doesn’t come without some form of growing pain. I have been experiencing change both as a mother and a professional. Sometimes, it’s really hard.  Sometimes it’s heartbreaking.  Sometimes it’s scary. Even with all those refining emotions, I fully believe that change is good. I am convinced that you have to focus on the end goal and hold on to your values during the rough patches.  The road is not always smooth, but I’ve learned nothing good comes ease. I encourage you, as much as myself, to accept change with grace and humility. We are always stronger at the end if we keep a good attitude.  We can find comfort in the midst of change.

What will never change…

Vie’s mission statement: We were made to strengthen women, restore the sisterhood, and change lives.  That, my sisters, is the end goal.  I want to personally promise you something. I promise to continue to give every ounce of my energy and heart to make your life better.  I promise to go to bed tired, to handle all the change with grace, to stay positive, to stay in my circle of competence, to learn from my mistakes, to say sorry, to have hard conversations, to look for joy, to have integrity, all while seeking moments of togetherness. I won’t lose sight of this goal. I humbly ask that you trust in me, trust in my team, and trust in our mission.  There is one thing that won’t change while Vie is under my care – we are a sisterhood, based on strength, respect for one another, and kindness.  In all it’s imperfect perfection, that’s what we are.  We are going to continue to make women stronger friends, mothers, wives, colleagues, and sisters.  We are here to stay.

We are Vie.

With the upmost gratitude,

Amber French


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Well said Amber. I appreciate the passion and drive you and the coaches have for creating a community of strong, healthy, and brave women. I have experienced much growth both physically and mentally. Vie means so much to me. I’m happy to be a member of this tribe. I wish you all the successes in the world!

  2. Kim says:

    You’re truly an inspiration!
    Thank you Amber!

  3. Valerie Larimore says:

    Love you and your beautiful heart Amber. Thank you for making me a better, stronger version of myself.

  4. Nana says:

    Beautifully said my Pearl of a Girl.❤️I love you and pray for you daily many times a day actually. ❤️😍

  5. Nana says:

    Beautifully said. God has given you such a passion and heart for helping women. Praying for your and your business daily.

  6. Darrah says:

    This is why I go to Vie, it’s so much more than a gym. It’s a relationship I have with myself, my community, and your team. And it’s a relationship I don’t take lightly. It’s one of the few commitments I never break each week: three hours to be present, strong, and empowered. And what I get in those three hours spills into the rest of my days, and what I put put into the world. So thank you.

  7. Janera says:

    Well said amber its more than a gym for me i have had coaches inspire me since i started its a community i miss it there

  8. Brenda says:

    You can “feel” the commitment in everything at Vie-from the complex routines you create, to the discipline shown in teaching them to us, the chalkboards, the fruit, the extra personal items, the design and beauty of the places, and the results! Thank you-I am so glad to be a part of!

    • admin says:

      Brenda we love that you love the little details too! We’ll try our best to always pass it along <3

  9. Sarah says:

    Love you, love your heart!! God is good, growth is hard. Continuous seek Him and honor him with your hard work and He will give you the grace to do what you need to even if it’s hard. Proud of your faithfulness!!

  10. Joey Robello says:

    This is was so well said! Amber, you and all of your coaches that I have experienced in Vie classes have always been so welcoming, committed, passionate, and motivating. The environment Vie provides allows women to walk out feeling renewed and empowered. I must admit, group classes intimidate me if I don’t know anyone but Vie keeps me coming back for more, pushing through the fear knowing that if I give it my all, sisterhood will develop and I am not alone on this journey. The way the coaches cheer us on by name helps us feel noticed and loved. You have truly started something powerful that every community needs and I pray that your vision will bring you south to Lacey or Olympia so I can share in this journey again. I have so many friends and family members that I want to experience this groundshaking sisterhood and community that you have developed and allowed God to shine through the process. You and your vision me commitment is such a blessing!! Thank you Amber and Vie community!

    • admin says:

      We’ll keep the Lacey/Olympia area in our minds as we expand! We hope to reach and inspire as many women as possible, to show them that they’re capable of anything and everything. Thank you Joey!

  11. Tamy says:

    This place and you, have made such a difference for me. I will be here until I can’t! You’re a strong lady. Well done!

  12. Deja B says:

    Well said Amber. Vie is so much more than just a gym. It is “my happy place”, a sisterhood, a tribe, and a place where every woman can feel a sense of belonging.
    Change is hard, but exciting too. Embrace it! Set those goals! Otherwise life would be boring.

  13. Juli Murphy says:

    I love you Amber French. It has been more than 2 years since I have become a #viegirl. I am a 50 year old Wife, Mom, full time worker and friend to so many incredible Vie sister’s that we call our Posse. Vie’s mission had not changed, Vie had just grown and all of the new sisters who have joined and will be joining our sisterhood will soon realize this is more that becoming physically stronger but mentally stronger as well. Vie has personally changed life. I thank you and the many coaches who has made my life so much healthier inside and out. #sisterhood

    • admin says:

      Physically and mentally, yes! Exactly Juli! Thank you for joining us in our sisterhood and strength!

  14. Kristen says:

    Take It from me…there is NOTHING like Vie outside of the community you and your tribe have built. Vie provides a compass: a health direction, fitness direction, emotional direction (no matter which way our magnet is pointing at any given time).

    In a sea of chaos, Vie is an anchor. It grounds women in a culture of success and promise and community. Vie is unique. Vie is life changing. And Vie is heart saving.

    Thank you for working so hard to bring us all together.

  15. Val King says:

    We all have stories of how Vie has impacted our lives. For me the impact has been amazing. I love Vie and the sisterhood. Bonney Lake is my home and I am now seeing my workout buddies outside of Vie. I am stronger than ever and pursuing being fit for life. We all come with special challenges too. The coaches (you included) have been super at helping me modify moves and exercises. I am so grateful for no shame… only strength & sisterhood. You inspire me. Thank you for putting yourself out there, hiring amazing coaches and creating a safe space to get fit, be strong and develop in relationships. #vielife #viestrong #strengthandsisterhood

    • admin says:

      Thank you for putting yourself out there too Val! It all starts with a single decision to try, the rest is up from there! The coaches, myself included, are very proud of you!

  16. Nicole choi says:

    I love this. I remember the day that i stumbled upon vie getting my lashes..you did it girl! Once life slows down an bit I will be back.

  17. Megan Werch says:

    I love your heart and how you love others. 🙂