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Coaches are more than just trainers at Vie. They are mentors, inspirers, and educators. They uphold our values, while fostering an environment of growth, support, and unyielding passion.

Our commitment to coach excellence is evident through our rigorous onboarding program that includes:

Vie offers coaches a flexible schedule, competitive pay, and a complimentary membership. 

SPECIALIZED BARBELL TRAINING: Led by certified barbell experts, these trainings ensure Vie coaches understand the detailed nuances of teaching this technical apparatus.

VIE'S ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM: Upon completing this coursework, Vie coaches have a comprehensive understanding of our ethos, techniques and approach.

MENTORSHIP: New coaches train one to two months under the guidance of a seasoned Vie coach.

MOVEMENT PATTERN CLASSES: With an emphasis on technique, our coaches know how to safely teach and modify movements to accommodate all fitness levels.

SCIENCE-BASED EDUCATION: Our coach training emphasizes a holistic and science-backed approach to fitness with a detailed focus on anatomy & physiology.

We also champion continuing education for those who choose to pursue it, ensuring coaches consistently deliver the best to our sisterhood.



While we appreciate your interest, we are not accepting applications for coaches at this time. Please follow Vie Athletics on INSTAGRAM where we post hiring opportunities when they come available.