Is Yoga For Me? 11 Excuses that Keep You Off The Mat & Why None of Them Are True

Let’s address the elephant in the room, “Vie Yoga isn’t for me. I’m not a yogi, I don’t even like yoga, and I have no intention of ever enjoying it.” It’s a statement we here over and over again like a broken record. So why do we offer it? Why is Vie Yoga even a […]

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Let’s address the elephant in the room, “Vie Yoga isn’t for me. I’m not a yogi, I don’t even like yoga, and I have no intention of ever enjoying it.” It’s a statement we here over and over again like a broken record. So why do we offer it? Why is Vie Yoga even a thing if the common attitude is that “I’m just not into it, it’s for other people, so I don’t go.”? There’s more than a few reasons, but for starters, yoga is scientifically proven to produce significant improvements in respiratory muscle strength and endurance. For many years, weightlifting and yoga haven’t been practices that are used in conjunction with one another, until now.

Yoga is a compliment to weight training and high-intensity workouts (HIIT). The aim of weight training is to compress, contract, and build muscle while yoga aims to stretch and lengthen muscles. The two used in practice together are quite the compliments to earn a better overall body composition, health, and wellness. Our bodies crave the tension release that builds up in our joints, ligaments, and other areas that present themselves in the way of soreness, stiffness, and limited mobility. The practice, both yin, and vinyasa work to not undo all that hard work but to instead compliment your weight training efforts. You’ll be able to better combat post-workout soreness, increase fluidity in your movements, loosen joints in the right way, and improve mobility or flexibility during big movements (i.e. front squats, mountain climbers, KB snatch, single leg straight leg deadlifts).

  1. “I have to look like a yogi to go to yoga”

    Wrong. Every body is present at Vie Yoga. It’s different here – we ask you to come as you are, but please do come. You don’t have to look a certain way, you don’t have to lose a specific amount of weight to fit in, you don’t have to have fancy clothes or a brand new expensive mat. We provide you with the tools that you need to be successful (you can bring your own blocks, straps or mat) and all you have to do is show up to class with an open mind and attitude. We give you the tools you need to be successful and improve your practice in the ways you wish to. Additionally, it can actually lead to leads to weight loss, so practice might help you in your overall goals as well!

  2. “Yoga is too expensive; I already pay for a workout membership”

    Exactly – you already pay for your membership. Vie Yoga isn’t an additional price; it’s included with all options of membership at Vie Athletics. Most yoga classes have a going rate of $10 – $20 per class per drop in at other studios. That adds up fast! At each Vie location, we offer both yin + vinyasa practices three times a week and good news – your membership grants you access to all three locations, for up to nine classes a week. That’s a saving of up to $180 a week which is almost double the price of a Vie Athletics membership! You already pay for it and don’t use it, so let’s put that money to work, girl!

    Additionally, you’ll be saving on medical expenses in the long run. Individuals who have regular workout and yoga routines are investing in preventative measures to maintain and improve your overall health and wellness. If you’re going to physical therapy or the chiropractor outside of Vie Workouts, maybe you’ll discover that there’s room in your budget for Vie Yoga after all!

  3. “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”

    The expert in anything was once a beginner. “I’m not flexible enough” is the most popular excuse amongst non-yoga athletes. How can you learn anything if you aren’t willing to try? How can we be an accurate judge if we never showed up? On the outside of the classroom, yoga seems to just be about flexibility and who can do the most impressive handstand; Vie Yoga is so much more than just flexibility. Good news – you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga! It honestly does not matter if you cannot touch your toes or stand on one leg. It’s as simple as this – if you come to class and you are breathing, you are practicing yoga. Without practice, you will never improve.

    Vie Yoga - Sisterhood and Strength

    Vie Yoga – Sisterhood and Strength

  4. “I can’t get into advanced positions”

    No problem, my lady. No problem at all. Our yoga instructors are well trained and well versed in movements from Level 1 all the way to Level 10. Your teacher will never require you to do something out of your realm, you will never be required to stand on your head or perform other advanced poses if you aren’t there yet. Just like Vie Workouts, there are plenty of modifications and variations to poses. You don’t need to be good at yoga or even know what you are doing. That’s why there are yoga instructors, and this is why you are the student.

    Additionally, Vie Yoga really focuses on connective tissue that has been bound together with our daily lives and Vie Workouts. These are the physical restrictions or adhesions that keep the fluid movement from the muscles (i.e. soreness, stiffness, immobility, etc.). Holding poses, regardless of what level they are, for small periods of time gently break up these restrictions and adhesions to lengthen muscles and fascia. Applying mild stress in these positions, that little tingly or warm feeling you have when you stretch, increases your range of motion as well as blood and nutrient flow for performance and recovery.

  5. “I don’t fit in” – Not all yogis are tree-hugging flower children

    While there is a solid amount of stigma around yogis and the community, you don’t have to fall into that small box of judgment for yourself. Not all individuals who practice are focused on chakras and intangible aspects of their practice, including the color, shape, or size of their aura. The beautiful aspect of yoga is this – it can be any type of practice that you wish it to be. It’s the customized approach, whether it’s weight loss, a break from your crazy life and kids, some quiet time, flexibility practice, strength, weight loss… the list goes on and on, which is a wonderful thing!

  6. “Everyone will be better than me”

    For those of you that tell yourselves this, we would like to ask you a simple question – How have you ever gotten better at anything in life if you believe others will always be better than you? Whoever said yoga is a competition? We’ve got news for you… pick out any individual in a Vie class and while they may have certain strengths or skills that are more developed than yours, in no way, shape or form are they different from you as a person, nor are they lesser or better than you are. Period!

    There’s no such thing as being ‘bad’ at Vie Workouts or Vie Yoga. We’d like to squash this stigma right here. The only ‘bad’ thing you can do is refuse the opportunity to try and to place yourself in an unfamiliar situation or experience at Vie Athletics. We empower women, to empower women. We do not judge and we do not compete. Everyone won’t be better than you, everyone will simply be ‘with’ you, every step of the way.

    Vie Yoga - Sisterhood and Strength

    Vie Yoga Instructor – Heidi Stockbauer

  7. “I do not like the spiritual aspect of yoga”

    People fall on all spots of the spectrum on this one, and that is completely okay! For some, yoga is purely a physical practice. For others, the practice implements a spiritual element into their lives that they are missing. Wherever your journey takes you, we encourage you to follow it. So much time that you spend in Vie Workouts is intense, upbeat and loud that you don’t have much time to focus on ‘you’ and the components that make ‘you’ up.

    At Vie Yoga, you have a guaranteed hour to look intrinsically at yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yoga will meet you where you are. Spiritual exploration is not mandatory, and if you’re looking to get in a solid sweat and focused/controlled breathing, then come on down to Vie. You will only find the aspects of yoga that you are searching for, though some may pleasantly surprise you.

  8. “You either love yoga, or you don’t. There is no in-between”

    Each individual that you meet and see in a yoga class comes with a different experience, belief, and style of yoga apart from your own. You can never predict what aspects, poses, or moments of a yoga class that will resonate with you long after. It’s a practice that is encouraged to be open and welcome to and to not fight.

    Let’s take the downward dog position for example – this is a position of rest, believe it or not. It is meant to re-center and re-focus your efforts as you transition into another phase of your instruction. The harder you fight it, the harder it will be. The more you focus on the tension in your forearms and your heels, the more difficult it will be. Instead, focus on a place of peaceful rest, welcoming the uncomfortable and embracing it. Suddenly, your perspective shifts and the position is enjoyable.

    There will be many love-hate moments during a single hour of instruction, but you don’t have to be an extremist. There is a great beauty to be found in both light and the dark, yin and yang. Give it time, give it practice, and don’t be so quick to make a decision or pass judgment. Who knows, you might end up falling in love with how your body feels. To us, the newfound love is magnificent.

    Vie Yoga - Sisterhood and Strength

    Vie Yoga – Downward Dog

  9. “My feet aren’t pretty enough to be in public with and did I mention I forgot to shave my legs?”

    Now we’re really making excuses, aren’t we?! Newsflash – nobody cares. Really. The only rule we have about feet at Vie Yoga is to not prance around on someone else’s mat. Other than that, we have no problem with what your feet look like and they are welcome to come to class just as they are. Who cares if you have prickly legs or your big toe is missing its nail polish! We sure don’t!

    Yogis don’t wear shoes for a reason – shoes take the reliance upon your own physical structure and reduce it, causing your feet, ankles, and legs to feel weak and rigid. Working with your natural ability and support system strengthens the muscles, ankles, and arches to feel supple and strong.

    If you’re still going to let your little toes keep you from going to yoga, bring your favorite pair of socks and come on down to class – simple as that. We’ll iterate this again, but nobody goes to yoga to judge people, look down on them, or stigmatize them. If you want to wear socks, you go, girl, we support you all the way! Who knows, you might find that over time, socks make practice a little more difficult than it has to be and you’ll fling them off in no time!

  10. “All yoga classes are the same. I took one once, and I decided it wasn’t for me.”

    There are SO many styles and types of yoga out there that if one isn’t for you, it doesn’t mean that another won’t be either. More often than not, it’s not the type of practice, but simply the instructor or class structure that didn’t meet your expectations wants or needs. The best advice we could give you? Try again.

    What type of yoga is offered at Vie Athletics? Vie Yoga is taught in a Yin- and Vinyasa-fashion. It’s focused on self-care, recharging, and giving back to your body, mind, and spirit in a loving and accepting way. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? We sure think so! Vie Yoga encourages self-care, tuning in, becoming wiser with our actions and being able to acknowledge how we feel, think, and act. We begin to understand the world around us by understanding our own world and reality, on the inside.

  11. “I don’t have time for yoga.”

    Wrong. You don’t make time for yoga. Values and priorities are very closely aligned. When something isn’t a value, there’s a pretty good chance it will not become a priority. The ability to give time and effort towards all facets of our lives is a daily practice and it’s hard, no secret there. Vie Yoga provides individuals an opportunity to focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fundamentals of our overall wellbeing. It teaches us self-care, compassion, self-love, and kindness. Maybe it isn’t yoga that isn’t a priority or a value, but instead, it is ourselves that we are neglecting to give time to. Quite the thought, isn’t it?

Vie Yoga - Sisterhood and Strength

Sisterhood and Strength

Health and wellbeing is a balancing act in life. Between kids, family, friends, your job(s), having dinner ready, tending to your baby, making time for your spouse, church, and other activities, how is it possible to make time for yoga, let alone other pleasurable activities? You must find balance and yoga is a great way to discover it.

Vie Yoga lends a helping hand to when life gets chaotic. Yoga helps us feel whole, helps us bridge the gaps in our lives, and shows us the importance of slowing down to focus on ourselves. Do away with the excuses and give yoga a try, at least once. You may be pleasantly surprised at how different you feel after class, in your everyday life, and even during Vie Workouts!

Be stronger than your strongest excuses.

Love, Vie




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