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A letter from our founder, to you. —2017—  My name is Amber and I am the Founder of Vie Athletics.  I am a very average and ordinary girl surrounded by a fierce community of gifted and loyal family and friends.  I am backed by an extraordinary God who continues to get me through every minute […]

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A letter from our founder, to you.


 My name is Amber and I am the Founder of Vie Athletics.  I am a very average and ordinary girl surrounded by a fierce community of gifted and loyal family and friends.  I am backed by an extraordinary God who continues to get me through every minute of every day.  I rarely, in fact, have never, written a personal blog using the company’s platform, but I felt a strong desire to speak to you all on a more personal level.  Not just speak, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life, my Vie.

For some of us, 2016 might have been one of the best years yet!  For others, this might have been one of the most challenging years we have ever faced.  No matter what 2016 was for you, I hope that you truly learned something from it all.  That through all the pains and victories you became more of who you want to be.  I know I did.  I didn’t hit every goal and I fell short in numerous areas, but man does that make me want to be better.  Nothing fancy, just better.

I struggle with the mindset of “new year resolutions”. Rather than focusing on years, I have found it more doable to focus on days, hours even, to obtain highly desired goals.  This is one of the many reasons I decided to go with the name Vie.  Vie means life.  I don’t know how many times I have spelled out that word or pronounced it for people I am engaging with :).  I love the concept of consistency and discipline over an extended amount of time.  What’s more consistent than life itself? Life doesn’t tend to change on a magical date.  It simply continues on in whatever direction you give it.

For some of you, this may be a brand new outlook!  Setting long-term goals that eventually settle into a life pattern is widely talked about, but rarely implemented correctly.  I believe it all starts with mindset.  Some of us have to hit rock meet bottom before we grasp this concept, while others it comes as natural as breathing.  It doesn’t matter who you are – we want to help.  Here is our why, our what, and our who:

Vie Athletics

Why? To help, to heal, to strengthen, to empower.


I believe more positive things are needed in our dark world.  Women are surrounded by negative stereotypes, harsh standards, criticism, and quite frankly, I think people are lonely.  I believe people need community.  I think people are starving for something genuinely good.  Before telling you what we do, I want to tell you why we do it.  The unmovable ‘why’ that dictates our every move.  Vie is needed.  It is so needed!  Women need a healthy community focusing on them.  The one place they can be truly selfish.  Not selfish in a negative way.  Just a place away from body image shame, mom guilt, and the stresses of life. A safe place where they can work on themselves with no distractions.


What? Health, nutrition, exercise.


Our “what” or service is physical fitness and all things health related to women.  It is our method to reach and connect with people – a way to fulfill a need. We are passionate about helping women recognize their own strength and hitting aesthetic goals they didn’t think belonged to them.  My team and I design workouts geared toward what women want to look and feel like.  We focus on physical, mental, and even spiritual health.  How you feel physically plays into who you are outside of the gym.  This brings us back to that whole ‘life’ concept :).

 Who? Any female who simply asks for our help.

We focus on women.  We are a brand that is owned by a woman, taught by women, and for women.  Our goal is never to divide but strengthen.  The health of a family is incredibly important for our society.  We know this, you know this.  This isn’t rocket science.  Therefore we have decided to make the queen our focal point.  We strive to create and guide women through fitness into becoming better mothers, better sisters, better daughters, better friends, better wives, better co-workers, better lives.

Strength & Sisterhood

The beauty of having a strong foundation is that it inspires others.  Our members see what we are trying to accomplish and have become the solution themselves – they are the new leaders! New guests who walk into Vie no longer look to just me or the coaches.  They look at their fellow woman right next to them.  She is struggling, sweating, and high-fiving as she goes! She rarely knows if she is doing everything right (that’s why we are here) and is pretty sure she is having a mild heart attack all in the name of health!  They don’t compete. They do something better- they inspire, they encourage, they challenge, and they break personal and societal boundaries.  Vie is so much bigger than any one person or team – even just one area!  It’s an idea.  It’s a movement.  We started out as the lone ranger and now have a tribe of strong women with a similar mindset. Women who are getting things done!  They have busy lives and high demands and still make time for Vie.

As we head into the New Year, I just wanted to say thank you to the community that helped us begin.  Thank you to my amazing team who love and care for our members.  Thank you to the members for choosing to be better.  One day at a time, just better.   You are the greatest gift of 2016.

Love Always,


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  1. DENICE J FRENCH says:

    Wow Amber! This is an excellent blog! God will continue to bless you and your business in ways that you certainly would never expect. Putting God first is as always, a lesson some of us (like me :o) take forever to learn. The fact that you have stood out to your members, and community, making a proclamation of God and His help is a profound way to make your business and life a testimony to His goodness.I love the fact that you have shared your heart and your vulnerability to others which in turn, inspires the members and make them love you and resolve to continue with you in this journey. We love you, are so PROUD of you, and continue to pray God’s open doors for testifying of His goodness, mercy and relationship He desires for all who enter through your VIE doorway!! Love Denice

  2. Dwayne French says:

    Amber–this is FABULOUS! You are an excellent writer with great insight! I am very rpoud if you!!

  3. kathi mccarn says:

    Can’t a it to share these 8nspuring words, thank you Anber!

  4. kathi mccarn says:

    Oops, I should have looked before submitting.
    Can’t wait to share your inspiring words of wisdom.

  5. Mark Snyder says:

    Dear Amber,
    As Dani Larimore’s Dad, I just want to thank you for your support of her since she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband Matt. Finding herself a widow at the young age of 29, with a two year old and eight months pregnant with her second baby was unbelievably tragic and she continues to slowly try to rebuild her life. One of the bright spots in her life right now is Vie and we are all aware of how beneficial exercise is for Dani as it helps reduce her stress, anxiety and sadness.
    I can’t adequately express how very appreciative my wife, myself and especially Dani is for your most generous gift of a membership and my hope and prayer is that you continue to find good health, happiness and success in the coming new year.
    Thank you again Amber!
    Sincerely, Mark

    • admin says:

      Mark, you are more than welcome! It’s a privilege to work with Dani and we will always take care of her. Thank you for the kind words. Happy New Year!

  6. Danette Taylor says:

    Amber, Thank you for this. Truly inspiring and immensely encouraging.

  7. Lori says:

    Do you have any members over 50? I would like to visit your gym next week. I was attending another all ladies gym, but my schedule has changed and I need a reboot to my exercise practice. I would love to hear from you.

    • admin says:

      Hello! Yes, we absolutely do! Pick any class time that works for your schedule. All you have to do is arrive ten minutes early to sign a waiver :). We will take good care of you.

      Love, Vie