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The Art & Science of a Vie Workout

Five hundred & twenty unique workouts are designed for Vie members every year. In this blog, we explain the philosophy behind Vie programming.

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The music is loud. Your heart is racing. Your breathing is heavy. Sweat is dripping from your forehead. Just when you think you can’t go any longer, you finish that last rep, and the clock hits 00:00. The music quiets and your coach signals that the cooldown has begun. You feel tired, but accomplished, perhaps even euphoric.

You did it. You have just completed a Vie workout. You are stronger than you were when you walked in those doors 50 mins ago.


Every day, hundreds of women come into our studios, looking to us to help them become physically and emotionally stronger versions of themselves. They give us their time and their trust. This is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly, and it is reflected in the thought and care we put into programming our workouts. Before any of our workouts hit the floor, hours of research and testing take place to ensure they are safe, effective, fun, and accessible to everyone.

In this blog, we share the art & science behind programming a Vie workout.

Five hundred and twenty. That is how many individual workouts are designed for Vie members every year. Each week, seven unique workouts are programmed for members coming into the studio, and three are created for those participating in Vie Home. No single workout is the same. In fact, in the six years since Vie was founded, a workout has never been repeated.

As you can imagine, a lot of heart, energy and time goes into this process. So, who can we thank for all of these sweat-inducing workouts?

Meet Owner/Founder Amber French & Coach Jensen Finley: 

Together, Amber and Jensen have a combined 20 years of experience in individual and group-fitness training. They both hold certifications through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and USA Weightlifting (USAW). Both are also life-long athletes, with Amber competing at the D1 collegiate level. Amber and Jensen are committed to understanding the latest research and techniques in group fitness and women’s health. They each spend countless hours researching, attending clinics, and consulting with physical therapists and physicians to ensure Vie members receive the most educated experience possible.

Amber French & Jensen Finley

The philosophy behind Vie programming is built on the following principles:


Approachable yet challenging

Vie aims to provide a well-balanced generalist program that fits the needs of the majority of women, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Programming focuses on functional movement patterns to enhance strength, mobility, balance, agility, and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.

Longevity over short-terms gains

Workouts are designed for longevity. We want members to be able to do this for the long-run without burnout or injury. We rarely go to failure (complete fatigue) in our workouts. We aim for 80-85% intensity with strategic recovery.

Inspiring, not competitive

Everyone should feel included and successful. Members are not incentivized to be the fastest or lift the heaviest. We honor time under tension principles, and we never rush movement. Members are encouraged to connect with each exercise at their own pace.

Consistency without monotony

No two workouts are the same, keeping members interested and on their toes. However, we regularly revisit movement patterns and exercises to help encourage efficacy and demonstrate progress (e.g. being able to lift more weight).

Adaptable, never rigid

Injury, mobility limitations, pregnancy and varying levels of fitness require us to be flexible and accommodating in our programming. Movement modifications are always available.

Cohesive and balanced

Workouts are not planned in isolation. The weeks and months are connected to ensure the programming is cohesive and the workouts compliment each other, keeping members’ bodies balanced and strong.

Creative and fun

Workouts are creative and high-energy. Fun is always a factor.

Programming a workout requires putting pen to paper and shoes to the floor. Workouts are always created one month in advance so the days and weeks can be viewed holistically. Each new exercise and movement pattern is personally tested by Amber or Jensen before ever making it into a workout.

When weaving workouts together, Jensen and Amber consider the following:

  • What is the focus of this workout (plyometrics, cardio, heavy lifting, etc)?
  • Are we overstressing any joints or muscle groups?
  • What is the metabolic stress level of this workout?
  • Have we provided adequate recovery (active or stationary)?
  • Does the week have a range of weight load, and are we hitting all major muscle groups across the upper body, lower body and core?
  • Do we address all planes of motion (forward/back, side-to-side and rotational)?
  • What equipment are we working with, and do we have an adequate amount for a full class?
  • Do we have enough space to safely run this workout?
  • Is this workout fun?

The result:

An efficient, full body, endurance workout.

Life is busy. When Vie girls walk into the studio doors, the thinking has been done for them. They bring a will to work hard, and we take care of the rest. We provide the space, the equipment, the enthusiastic coaches, and the science-based workout.

If we have done our job well, members leave the gym dripping in sweat and wanting to come back for more. Over time, they find that they have more energy for other parts of their lives and everyday tasks become a bit easier. We have taught women how to move and practice healthy habits, benefits that will last a lifetime. Afterall, Vie quite literally means “life.”


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  1. Sheri Sahli Nibeck says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL- Tabata and EMONS are fun. I truly enjoy the AMRAP sessions when they are broken down in 10-15 minutes workout instead of 30.
    I like when the workouts include the entire body as much as possible…
    Either way, I am a happy camper and just love being a Vie gal.

  2. Tania Lozada says:

    My favorite movement is tabata but I still love all the others, and something that really enjoy are pistols even know it still hard for me.

  3. Crysta says:

    I love Tabata or emom with built in rest. Anything with a barbell. And I love KB swings at low rep counts.

    Something I look forward to is my Saturday morning workouts with barbells on the menu.

  4. Cassie Larson says:

    I love the variety in formats! Keeps us on our toes & avoids falling into the “same ol, same ol”. Leaning into barbells has been my favorite (and most challenging) series of movement patterns. My favorite is the hang clean, learning to love the full clean…. barbell complexes have been my favorite to get a few different BB moves in 🙂 I look forward to seeing more barbells sprinkled in our workouts to grow in strength & technique. Thanks Amber & Jensen for all you do in crafting our Vie-ry special workouts!

  5. Nicole says:

    I love the variety at Vie, bringing in the core and booty I need while also offering the barbell work I love ❤️. This gym is full of intention, so grateful to have you in AZ!!

  6. Martina Leonard says:

    I enjoy the challenge of both the lucky seven workouts and ladders. It’s me against the clock and I’m able to oust at my pace and see if I can complete the full workout in the given time.

  7. Tamme says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing. My favorite vie workouts are the ladders and endurance workouts-but I love them all!