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Bri is the type of woman that speaks up when she sees something beautiful in someone. She’s the kind of woman that puts her best foot forward every single day in effort to not only better her life, but the lives of others. As a new mother to a precious little boy, a proud wife and professional, Bri blesses Vie with her presence every single time she comes in. She LOVES coaching and is always bubbly and upbeat. She’s rambunctious and full of life – ready to get you moving, laughing, and dripping with sweat! A fun fact about Bri is that she’s a big runner. In fact, she ran over 300 miles during her first pregnancy! She’s also a certified yoga and barre instructor, has dogs, loves to garden and travel the world. She doesn’t go anywhere without a smile, coffee, or her essential oils! Be prepared for a class with Bri – she’s out to help members break down personal barriers and leave each class feeling proud!