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Located in the North End of Tacoma, Washington, Vie Athletics is conveniently located between Proctor and Point Ruston. After your workout, join your Vie sisters for coffee across the street, a walk on the waterfront or shopping at Metropolitan Market. Come sweat with Vie Athletics, and take advantage of our knowledgeable coaches, energizing music, and invigorating workouts. 

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we believe in honesty, compassion,   strength and       sisterhood


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lead coach allison

coach erin

coach brenna

coach taylor

coach kristen

coach ana

coach sokha

coach jessele

coach laura

coach Brigit

coach Annika

coach Abby

coach tate

coach savannah

coach susan

coach caitlin

coach karina

coach laura q

coach Brittany

coach Dani

coach Riley

coach Lizz

coach Courtney

coach Jade