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Jen is a positive and uplifting coach for Vie. Anytime she walks into a room she literally brings the energy. She’s willing to embrace every person she comes into contact with – she’s genuine and accepting, loving and kind. She’s not afraid to jump right into the mix and give everyone a good laugh. Jen is passionate about being a strength and conditioning coach for Vie because she believes that as women we must not only be strong and healthy for others but for ourselves, too. She’s a huge proponent of Vie Yoga and she’s been a committed participant since day one. Jen wants to encourage every member to take part in Vie Yoga, in addition to Vie Workouts, because it’s changed not only her life but her posture as well. In her spare time, she’s a mother to 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy) who loves to be outside in the grand outdoors. During the winter times, she likes to make her own yummy recipes and knit, educating her children at home instilling a love for learning and knowledge at every level. She also loves hanging upside down in random handstand holds around the house – so if you see any mysterious shoe marks on the wall, it’s most likely just Jen!