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Gina is a joyous blessing to have at Vie. She’s always rockin’ a big welcoming smile and she brings the energy to every class she teaches and takes at Vie! She bumps the jams, dances with wild abandon, and uses her education, certifications, and skills to teach women that they have everything within them to become strong, confident, and fierce. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands how valuable your time is when you come to class. She strives to make the hour that you spend at Vie the most power-packed, enjoyable, stress-relieving and confidence building experience from start to finish. When Gina isn’t at Vie, she’s a wedding photographer and hand lettering artist by day, taco connoisseur by night! You can catch some of her work on the latest Monthly Goal Board or on little mementos around Vie, or better yet, swing into our Bonney Lake location and catch one of her classes!