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To Taylor, Vie is a place of vibrancy and energy. She loves the shared experience of women coming together to advance themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Often you’ll find her expressing how lucky she believes to be because of the like-minded community she’s discovered at Vie. A goal of hers is to not only help women understand what their body is capable of in the gym, but out of it as well. As a mother of two beautiful children herself, she understands the importance of exercising before, during, and after pregnancy. Taylor aspires to encourage, inspire, and motivate women to workout safely and confidently while pregnant in addition to their postpartum recovery. She understands how vulnerable of a time this can be in a woman’s life, both physically and emotionally, and she wants to create a foundation of support through it all! Her favorite movements involve a barbell and when she’s not in the gym, or chasing after her two littles, she loves to ski in the winter and wake-board in the summer!