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Meet Sokha! This amazing Coach grew up in Tacoma, WA, and is a Tech at Tacoma General Coronary Care Unit. She and her husband are sweet dog parents to their 2 pups, Roscoe and Zoe.

Sokha has had a passion for weightlifting and traditional movements such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. The weight she can lift is nothing short of impressive. When she found Vie, she fell in love with not only the workouts and movements but the community. Her favorite exercises in class are deadlifts, barbell cleans, and pull-ups. She loves a challenging EMOM ( every minute on the minute) format where she has to race to get her rep count in so that she can enjoy the break before the next minute starts. 

Some of her favorite things to do are bike rides with her husband or taking a walk on the beach to catch the sunset. She’d finish the day by cuddling up on the couch with her dogs to watch Gilmore girls for the 100th time:) She has a love for good food and their Yelp list is quite extensive. Tacos, burgers, pizza, and carrot cake will be at the top of the list and when asked what her love language or spirit animal is, she replied “ Food and Coffee! “ We can SO relate! Sokha is a sweet addition to our Tacoma team and truly understands the importance of self-care. She says, “ As women, we are natural caretakers, we are always doing something for someone else. I love that Vie gives us ladies an hour to focus and better ourselves. We deserve it.” You do deserve it and we can’t wait for you to take a class with this beautiful coach. Leave your worries at the door.