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Lisa is a strong, confident, accomplished professional and Washington native. She fell in love with Vie just as many of us have – through putting in an hour of hard work with maximum effort alongside women from all walks of life and experiences. In her spare time, fitness, health, and wellness are a major priority for her. Lisa comes to the coaching team with a few years of HIIT and weightlifting training as well as a foundational understanding of the ingredients required for a healthy mind and body. She aspires to help women at Vie understand that their fitness goals are made up of equal parts dedication, persistence, proper form, rest, competitiveness and a well-rounded nutritional lifestyle. One of Lisa’s favorite things about Vie is not what she can learn from the other coaches or the organization, but what she can learn from the members. Vie serves as a strong female influence and community for Lisa and we’re just as lucky to have her presence!