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This local Tacoma girl grew up with a love for swimming. She became an NCAA student-athlete for Fresno Pacific University playing water polo and gained a huge love for being part of a team. From that team, she moved back to Tacoma where she is now a Firefighter for Tacoma Fire Department. A team that we have so much love and respect for. So it will not surprise you when we say she was looking for a workout that had a team atmosphere and she found that in Vie! A place where she feels encouraged and empowered. A place that made her heart feel like she belonged to something great. She may not love seeing pull-ups or burpees on the menu, but surprisingly loves burpee pullups:) In her free time, Hannah is a volunteer at a wild cat sanctuary (Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington) where she helps care for over 60 wild cats, anything from cougars, to tigers to bobcats and lynx! How cool is that?!! You can tell from her gorgeous smile that she has a helping heart. Her husband says her spirit animal is a Koala bear because she’s small, cute, loves naps, and makes funny noises, but she also loves adventure! Her favorite quote is “You have been assigned to this mountain to show others it can be moved” and we believe she will do just that.