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Erin is humble enough to know she’s far from perfect but confident enough she can do anything she sets her mind to. From climbing the sides of mountains with nothing but a rope and some cramps to hiking in South America, to taking on a challenging and sweaty Vie workout – Erin aspires to be an empowered woman that empowers other women through example. She’s soft-spoken, graceful, brilliant and brave. When she’s not at Vie she’s saving lives in the ER, skiing volcanos, chasing her dogs around and embracing family. What does she love about Vie? The variation, the movements, the functional strength and familiar faces. She loves having inspiring conversations, cheering each other on, seeing new and familiar faces while building both strength and friendships. Erin comes to the Vie Coaching Team determined to help women find the fire and passion within their own hearts to refine their whole body, helping each individual chase the things they want and love to do. Join her for a hike or a class and we promise that you’ll walk away feeling confident and ready to take on the world!