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Camila comes to the Vie Coaching Team and community as a woman who delights in the ability to show all mothers that they can be the best mother for their children while being the best woman for themselves, too. She’s self-aware and sure – we respect her for her mind, we admire her for her heart, and above all, we love her for how honest, open and raw she is. She’s a mother of four wonderful children and she maintains a busy life full of doing makeup and hair for special events, spending quality time with her family, and cheering on her Vie girls. She loves that Vie brings together women of all different backgrounds, stories, and reasons, gathering together for not only an incredible workout, but to belong to something bigger. She aims to embrace and raise the sense of belonging, friends forming and lasting, a sense of family and true meaning of sisterhood. Camila challenges her competitive nature in NPC Bikini Competitions in the great state of Washington. Vie is ecstatic to have Camilla!