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This beautiful Coach recently moved to the U.S. from Alberta, Canada. Recently marrying the love of her life and starting in a completely new country, she found herself needing a community to do life with. Meet Sydney! When a friend of hers, a regular at Vie, suggested to her that she needed to Coach at Vie, Sydney went for it. She now says she’s indebted forever to that friend as she is now a part of the Sisterhood. A community that has made her experience here something more wonderful than she could have imagined.

Sydney has a Nutritional Therapy Certification so that she can help people on a deeper level with their health and wellness goals and is also a certified Yoga Instructor. She has a huge passion for the workouts at Vie. Some of her favorite movements or exercises include a bit of cardio, some med-ball burpees, kettlebell work, barbell front squats, and lunges. So basically ALL of it;) She loves the music and the girls that help push her as well.

This girl LOVES people! Meeting new people and discovering new places are two things she enjoys. A perfect day for her would start with coffee and a devotional, followed by a sweat sesh with her vie girls. A quick freshen up with deodorant and dry shampoo, she’d throw on a hat, cute coat and head out for an adventure with a friend. Somewhere she can wander a couple of shops, go for an awesome outdoor walk where they could have a meaningful talk, and then hit up a yummy restaurant for some drinks and appetizers. Pizza and ice cream would be on the menu for a yummy splurge and she’d end the night with some hot yoga. Her love language is words of affirmation and she is genuine in her compliments. One of our sweetest, we know you will fall in love with Coach Syd!