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Vie Home



This beautiful girl is the true meaning of Strength and Sisterhood. She had been gifted a membership to Vie Athletics after the sudden passing of her husband and believes that Vie has truly saved her life more than once. She took that membership and made it a part of her life. Challenging herself and learning moves and techniques that she didn’t realize she could physically do. With that came growth. As a single Mama, she lives for her children. She says, “I was born to do this”, and it shows. Dani surrounds herself with family, friends, and her tribe at Vie. If all plans were canceled, she would be happy cozied up on a couch with loved ones laughing until her cheeks hurt. She doesn’t need fancy plans to have fun. Although, she loves party planning. The organization, checking things off a list, and seeing it all come together is very satisfying. Her love language is Quality time and Acts of service. It goes a long way and she truly treasures it when people give their time without having to ask for it. Dani’s favorite drink would be a hot or iced coconut milk latte, so if you're looking for an act of service, there’s your hint:) We can’t wait for you to meet Dani!