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This strong and beautiful Coach grew up in Gig Harbor, WA. She has had extensive training as an EMT and now operates a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at an advanced wound healing center. She has a personal love for physical strength and growth. Meet Mo! 

What brought Mo to Vie was the strong community of women and the support the sisterhood gives. This girl believes in self love and care. She helps remind those around her of the importance of it. She loves to challenge herself in the studio with barbell work, cleans especially, or anything that spikes her heart rate but still allows for strength building like medicine ball slams or burpees. Outside of the gym she has a passion for woodwork and is quite incredible at it. If you’re lucky enough to follow her on Instagram, you will see her beautiful work. We asked Mo if all plans were canceled, what would be your perfect day? Her response was, “A slow morning with a cup of coffee and a good book before going for a long drive to the coast. Taking pictures and listening to country music along the way!” We are there!

She drinks her coffee black, sometimes iced, and shows love through acts of service. That combo right there is exactly who you want in your corner. We are so excited for you to gain a relationship with her in the studio and feel what she loves about Vie.