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Meet Maggie! This girl was meant for hard work. She grew up in West Seattle and has landed a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Sports Orthopedics. She loves the thrill and adrenaline rush that outdoor sports bring. Mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and surfing are a few of her favorites. You could say sunshine and fresh air are her therapy. When asked what a perfect day looks like, it would be to use whatever outdoor terrain she has. Her words... “Get into mischief, adventure, and fun. Find the hardest way up for the best views with an exhilarating way down.”

What brought Maggie to Vie was that it fit her lifestyle! It’s a place where she can show up, get sweaty, work HARD and have the best energy and encouragement surrounding her while she does it. She loves a good Tabata-style workout where you can be explosive and give it all you have. She enjoys challenging movements like box jumps, barbell work, and KB snatches. Another attraction for Maggie was the community of shared interests for fitness and healthy habits. Maggie was in a rollover car accident that had her beat down physically. She had to overcome pain and struggled not only physically but mentally as well for years. Vie gave her a safe and consistent place to work on functional movement and set goals for her mind, body, and soul to get healthy and back on her feet. We feel so lucky to be a part of her journey and we are excited for you to meet this vibrant girl. Her smile is the warmest and she will be there to encourage you from start to finish.