Spring Break Workouts


We’ve had multiple people ask us for spring break workouts.  We have created three simple, hotel friendly workouts that can be done with minimal space and equipment.

Workout 1:
-15:00 AMRAP-
10/side Mt. climbers
10 DB squat thrusters
10 Inchworms (with pushup)
10 superman lat pulls
Workout 2:
 Jack squats
Burpees (No push-up)
Split lunge
 Broad jumps
Workout 3:
-Minute to Win It-
Jumping jacks
Lunges w/twist
DB curl&press

Workout 1:

Set your timer for 15:00 minutes.  Move through the four exercises the entire time.  Do your best to take minimal break.  Make sure to start with a warm-up and end with a solid stretch.

Workout 2: 

Download a free tababta app on your phone.  Recovery is built in and is half of your work time (:20/:10).  Make sure to go hard on your :20 intervals!

Workout 3:

Set your alarm for 17:00.  Each exercise is 1:00 long.  After you have completed all five exercises you get 1:00 of recovery.  Repeat for three rounds!

Good Luck!


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