Vie Workout Plan – Travel Edition

travel workouts

And so the adventure begins!

With the arrival of spring and summer, travel season is upon us! We know how dedicated and hardworking you ladies are with your Vie Workout attendance, which can present a bit of a ‘problem’ when thinking about your upcoming trip. Not to worry, Vie Girl! We created three simple, yet challenging, hotel friendly travel workouts that can be done with minimal space and equipment. No matter if it’s business or pleasure, you’re sure to stay on top of your fitness routine with ease and confidence!

Before each workout

Start with a dynamic warm-up to get your heart pumping and lungs working. Don’t skip this step – you reduce your chance of injury and increase your range of motion and mobility, maximizing the workout’s movements. Warmup movements may include, but not limited to: high knees, butt kickers, lunges, air squats, high kicks, inchworms, side shuffles, etc.

After each workout

Take some time to cool down with stretches focusing on the areas you just worked. You do not need any equipment for this. Grab your water bottle just like we do in class and aim to hold each position 1-2 minutes each. Drink lots of water, and you’ll be back to your itinerary in no time!

Workout 1:

-15:00 AMRAP-
10/side Mt. climbers
10 DB squat thrusters
10 Inchworms (with pushup)
10 superman lat pulls

Workout 2:

 Jack squats
Burpees (No push-up)
Split Lunge
 Broad jumps

Workout 3:

-Minute to Win It-
Jumping jacks
Lunges w/twist
DB curl&press


Workout 1:

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) Set your timer for 15:00 minutes.  Move through the four exercises the entire time.  Do your best to transition quickly between movements.

Workout 2: 

Download a free Tabata app on your phone or use this one from FITLB: You’ve got 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, making up 8 rounds & 4 total minutes. Move through one movement for the entire 4 minutes, take a quick 30-45 second break, then head to the next movement until all 5 are complete. Make sure to go hard on your 20-second intervals – make it count!

Workout 3:

Set your timer for 17 minutes.  Each exercise is 1 minute.  After you have completed all 5 exercises you get 1 minute of recovery. Repeat for 3 rounds, for a total of 17 minutes! Good Luck!

We would LOVE to see your adventures this month!

Use the hashtag #VIEADVENTURE and we’ll feature you on our social pages! Let’s get outside and show the world your beautiful smile! Have fun with your travel workouts and don’t let a little vacay get in the way of your fitness goals.

Leave us a comment with questions below – slay la Vie, girls!


Alix is one of the strongest girls we know, and we aren’t just talking about her body. Her passion for wanting to help others is off the charts. Every day she chooses to give every ounce of her heart and energy to the women in her classes. She’s not scared to squat deep and she’s not scared to love deep. In her free time, Alix is an entrepreneur and writer. We expect Alix to take over the world one day and we are just happy to be along for the ride.


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