– June Meal Plan –

Sunshine and summer time, it’s finally here! Stay hydrated and be consistent with your nutrition. A balanced meal should include 4-6 oz. of lean protein, 1-2 servings of vegetables and about half a cup of carbohydrates. A little planning goes a long ways. We encourage you to sacrifice a small amount of your time every week to set yourself up for success.  If you aren’t able to meal prep, try one of these healthy options for dinner.  You are worth it and we believe in you!
| week one |
Greek Grilled Chicken paired with grilled veggies
Mexican Chicken Skillet
| week two |
Sweet Potato Cheeseburger Casserole
Mediterranean Chicken Rice Bowls
| week three |
General Tsos Chicken Bowls
Turkey Meatloaf paired with Honey Sriracha Roasted Carrots
| week four |
One Pan Maple Mustard Chicken & Potatoes
Shepherds Pie with Sweet Potato Topping


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