Recipes For January 2017 – Vie Kitchen

— Fresh Start —

People always ask us, “What should I be eating?”  This is a great question!  Why do all this hard work at Vie if you aren’t going to fuel or replenish your body correctly?  Whether you are paleo, vegan, vegetarian, or a macro calculator, we want you to eat real unprocessed whole foods.  That simple!  No matter what camp you belong to this is possible. There is no magic equation-no magic pill.  The work you put into this will determine your results.  We don’t want you to count every calorie and stress, nor do we want you to be mindless about what your body really needs.  It’s a beautiful thing called balance.   We care about you on and off the court!  That is why we have provided the following meal plan.  This is not for the picky eater.  Yes, we will have you eat veggies ;).  This is for the planner who already knows she is short on time and wants to put herself in the best position to succeed.  As mature and disciplined individuals, I hope we all realize eating food should not always be entertainment.  It is okay to say no to yourself!  No to the excessive alcohol.  No to the over eating.  Saying a simple no is a victory in itself!  Over time these will add up and you will start to feel and look the way that you crave.  So let’s take a look at the menu!

— Eat Mindfully —
Goal for each meal, 4-6 ounces of protein, 1/2 cup of carbs, serving of vegetablesGoal for each meal, 4-6 ounces of protein, 1/2 cup of carbs, serving of vegetables
Spicy ground turkey & green bean stir fry, paired with brown or jasmine rice
Carnitas burrito bowl
Chicken tortilla soup
Mandarin pasta spinach salad with teriyaki dressing (add 4 oz. of grilled chicken breast for protein)
Buffalo chicken & broccoli bowl
Skinny chicken parmesan paired with roasted fingerling potatoes & Brussel sprouts
Healthy & delicious beef broccoli stir fry
Orange chicken meatballs paired with steamed green beans and slow cooked garlic sweet potato mash
— Tools —

-Click here for tupperware-

— Grocery List —
pork loin
chicken breast
lean ground chicken breast
10 oz. sirloin flank steak
boneless skinless chicken thighs
red onion
lime + lime juice
green onion
fresh rosemary
salt + pepper
red pepper flakes
olive oil
low sodium, chicken broth
dried oregano
basil pesto
marinara sauce
cojita cheese
chicken bouillon cubes
dry ranch packet
canned green chili’s x 2
romaine lettuce
apple cider vinegar
chili powder
smoked paprika
hot sauce
teriyaki sauce
enchilada sauce
canned yellow sweet corn
dice tomatoes in juice
Brussel sprouts
fingerling potatoes
corn starch
fresh green beans
Asian chili paste
dark kidney beans
black beans
cashews or pine nuts
rice wine vinegar
sugar or honey
8 oz. bowtie pasta
coconut oil
rice vinegar
sesame oil
soy sauce (or sub for gluten free soy sauce or aminos)
garlic powder
onion powder
mandarin oranges
orange zest
orange juice
oyster sauce
brown or jasmine rice
Bon Appetit!


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