• How do I start?

    Easy, we suggest you come in for a free trial to get your feet wet. We want to make sure you think that Vie Athletics is a good fit for you!  During this time you will be able to get a feel for our facilities, programming, and coaching style. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form to let us know you are coming. All we require is that you come 10-15 minutes early to to sign a participation waiver.

  • Am I too out of shape for your gym?

    Absolutely not! We program our workouts in a way  that each individual is comfortable with the movements. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can have all fitness levels in one room working hard together. We encourage first timers to go at their own pace and have fun.  No one is too slow, too big, too small, or too old to workout with us! Check the ego at the door and embrace where you are at and who you want to become.  We can’t wait for you to be part of this journey we call life!

  • Why do you add complimentary yoga to your strength classes?

    In our humble opinion, stretching is essential. We believe in taking a holistic approach to our programming and highly encourage the use of our yoga classes!  Check out of schedule pages to view times.

  • Do I have to sign up for classes?

    You do not have to sign-up for your classes. We respect your busy schedule and will be ready for you when you arrive.  Check out all our class times and find the best fit for you!

  • What are your workouts like?

    This is a great question!  We never want to be put in a box, and are constantly thinking of new, fun, and innovative ways to shock our bodies!  We are lovers of movement.  Every day offers a new and original workout designed by us.  Our workouts are full body endurance strength workouts.  We use free-weights, body weight, and cardio elements.  You get to move and sweat for one glorious hour!  Modifications will be provided based on the individual’s experience.

  • Do you have personal training?

    We do not offer one-on-one training. We specialize in class settings only. Don’t worry, our coaches will give you lots of love and attention to ensure proper form.  You will love the energy!

  • Do you offer childcare?

    We do not offer childcare.


  • Can I still come if I have previous injuries?

    Yes, if your doctor clears you for physical activity. Our coaches will make sure they modify the workout to fit your needs.

  • How old do I have to be to participate?

    We take this case by case.  If you have a family member under 18 that would like to be part of Vie Athletics, we would love to meet her. *Please note, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver in person.

  • What kind of Memberships do you offer?

    We offer three affordable month-to-month membership options: unlimited, partial, and yoga. Both the unlimited and partial memberships come with our complimentary yoga classes. After giving us a trial run, please feel free to ask a coach for more details.

  • Can I go to all Vie locations?

    Yes!  You may jump from location to location free of charge.