Exercise Isn’t The Solution…What?


We want to address some of the most popular questions and concerns we hear.  You are result driven women, whom we love, and we want to make sure you trust our process. In order to trust us, you have to understand what’s happening. This is where we can help!

What is the difference between muscle and fat?

Density! You might have heard this before, but muscle is much more dense than fat. Meaning it takes up less volume than an equal mass of fat. This explains why it’s possible to get visibly slimmer without a significant drop in weight.

I work out and the scale isn’t changing. Why?

First, give your body time to change. A little grace for yourself goes a long ways. Vie doesn’t mean quick fix, trend, or miracle pill. What it does mean is LIFE. Life requires commitment, sacrifice, and routine in order to produce successful results. Some of the most impressive before and after pictures sent to us have been taken after a year of consistency. A year, people! Not two months. Find encouragement in this. There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t see massive results after two months of hard work. Keep going, you’re doing great.

Exercise can only go so far…

What did you just say? Yes, you heard correctly. Exercise is not the solution; it is part of the solution. This doesn’t mean abandon exercise, of course. People much smarter than us have found that exercise still preserves lean muscle mass and bone density, improves fitness, makes important biochemical changes and enhances cognitive function and mood. Important stuff. However, research has shown that no matter how wonderful an exercise program is, if you don’t eat clean, you won’t get optimal results. How is this possible? You simultaneously can gain muscle while holding on to your fat. The moral of the story- you can train as hard as you want, however, without some attention to your nutritional intake, you simply can’t expect inspiring, noticeable results.

The positive news…

Live Vie

       When exercise is combined with good nutritional habits, the results can be amazing. Don’t waste your time and money on only half of the solution. We suggest taking baby steps.  Figure out what is holding you back from your goals. Once you find out what is lacking, start adding healthy options back into your diet. If you need a little guidance, take a look at our meal plans (April meal plan coming soon)! We hope this little article inspired, not demoralized.   We want the best for you.  Live Vie and fall in love with the process. Simple.

love, vie


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  • I’ve been stuck for 2 years! 2!!!!! I eat healthy workout AT LEAST 4-5 days a week. What am I doing wrong?! I know, I know trust the process, but 2 yrs and NO change? my weight has stayed the same which I guess is ok. At least I’m not gaining but still. can someone help 🙁

    • Hello Stephanie!
      We miss you at Vie! We hope all is going well.
      We want to encourage you to keep working hard! Your frustration is shared by many women all around. There is no perfect or quick answer for your question. On the positive side, there are always things to change. Sometimes it’s not about what we take away from our bodies, but what we give it. It could be sleep, caloric intake, water intake, and so many other factors. Feel free to email us anytime and we can try to help!

  • Thank you! I needed this….