In our previous post, Water Intake: A Quest For Hydration we talked about how and why water is important for every individual, especially those who live active lifestyles and our Vie Girls. This time around, we're going to talk about how to drink water and more of it. Staying hydrated might be at the end of your day's task list though. More often than not, we don't con…

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Drinking water consistently and staying hydrated can be… hard! But as hard as it may be for us to remember, it’s that much harder for our bodies to run at their optimum levels without it. What is the importance of water? Why do we need it? What is hydration? And most importantly, how can we get more of it? Questions like these are especially important for active …

Hydration - Sisterhood & Strength

Hello! We want to address some of the most popular questions and concerns we hear.  You are result driven women, whom we love, and we want to make sure you trust our process. In order to trust us, you have to understand what’s happening. This is where we can help! What is the difference between muscle and fat? — Density! You might have heard this before, but mu…


Hello Gorgeous... We have had multiple ladies ask the coaches at Vie to share their favorite products and workout attire.  We want to let you in on our little secrets.  As you know we are all very different.  This being said we decided to put you through a little quiz to see which style fits your personality best!  We have included links to our favorite items for y…


♥Hello Dolls♥ Let’s talk about your health. In the gym we focus on our activity level and performance. This is only half the battle. Actually, to be honest, it’s not even half. What you are doing and eating the other 23 hours of the day outside of Vie’s doors can make or break your dream goals. Some of you might be thinking, “I have been working out, but I…