A letter from our founder, to you. —2017—  My name is Amber and I am the Founder of Vie Athletics.  I am a very average and ordinary girl surrounded by a fierce community of gifted and loyal family and friends.  I am backed by an extraordinary God who continues to get me through every minute of every day.  I rarely, in fact, have never, written a personal bl…

Amber French Vie Athletics

Hello! We want to tell you about a little Vie tradition that will start this Sunday!  Every Sunday morning Vie will be hosting a run which will be followed with a devotional. This is for the community.  You don't have to be a member to join us or an avid runner!  Invite all your girlfriends to join!  Health would be be simple if it was just just about external appe…


Hello Ladies! Today two of your coaches went shopping for some raffle gifts for our First 50 members! We are big fans of Lululemon , and we hope you are too.  There are only a few spots left, so get your girlfriends to sign up!  Just simply fill out our contact page.  Here is a little sneak peak...             We look forward to meeting all you awesome wom…


                                                                                                                     Hello! I am so excited to bring this special gym to the city of Puyallup!  This is my hometown, and no other place felt right to plant my dream.  Just like fitness, the planning for Vie …


WHAT is Vie Athletics?  What does Vie mean?  How do you even pronounce Vie?  In French, vie means life.  To us, Vie is a place where women come together with the common goal of becoming stronger and the best versions of themselves. — “It is a shame for women to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.”  - Socrates…