Welcome, May! It always seems impossible until it's done. April showers bring May flowers, but you too can transform and bloom! Meal Prep Recipes For May 2018 Summer is right around the corner, just like that! We're so excited for warmer weather, beautiful blue skies, and strengthening our sisterhood through the months ahead! At this point in the year, you should be …

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Welcome, April! All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. Meal Prep Recipes For April 2018 Happy Spring, Vie Girls! It's that wonderful time of year when its summer in the light, spring in the shade. The Earth is laughing in flowers and the music of the season is heard through open windows. Spring is also the time that reminds us that the best t…


The Vie Challenge for March 2018 is an “Abs Challenge”, in which we encourage you to take a greater look at what goes on in your kitchen to refine your abdominal section and core strength. Not everyone wants bulging abdominal muscles and not everyone wants a perfectly flat stomach, and guess what? That’s perfectly okay! What we’re more concerned about? Helping a…


Welcome, March! Spring: A Lovely Reminder of How Beautiful Change Can Really Be. Meal Prep Recipes For March 2018 We're on to the third month of the year already, can you believe it?! How are your New Years Resolutions going? Are you making the progress that you set out to achieve? Either way - we're here for you. Here are our favorite recipes to keep you happy and h…

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Happy Valentines Day! Fall in love with the process and the results will come. Meal Prep Recipes For February 2018 It's no secret that meal prep and finding the time to create healthy, nutritious food falls by the wayside during the week. But let's be honest - you put in the effort at work and in the gym, so why not put a little effort towards what you eat? The proce…

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Happy New Year! Fresh Start, Fresh Food. Meal Prep Recipes For January 2018 With a new year comes new food! We've got our favorite recipes lined out for you to start off your year on the right foot. Get a little creative with these tasty recipes straight from the Vie Kitchen to yours. {week one}  Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken - The Real Food Dietitians This…

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