Hello! We've had multiple people ask us for spring break workouts.  We have created three simple, hotel friendly workouts that can be done with minimal space and equipment. — Workout 1: -15:00 AMRAP- 10/side Mt. climbers 10 DB squat thrusters 10 Inchworms (with pushup) 10 superman lat pulls Workout 2: -TABATA-  Jack squats Burpees (No push-…


I would like to introduce you to someone special- the push-up. Why put ourselves through this love-hate relationship? Love: Push-ups are a compound exercise.  This mean you are involving more than one muscle group at a time.  Basically, more bang for your buck! Hate: You feel like your arms are going to fall off. Love: Can you say muscle definition!  Stron…

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    - Exercise of the Week-  Hang Power Clean We know any movement with a barbell can be intimidating and difficult to learn, however once you get past the beginning learning stage they are incredibly fun!  To help you become more comfortable, we have demonstrated a few simple progressions that should help you get from nervous to fun in not time!  Do yourself a f…

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  In this post, we will be adding some basic instructional videos on how to do common exercises.  Keep an eye out for a new video each week, and we hope these simple videos make you stronger!   …

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