Let’s address the elephant in the room, “Vie Yoga isn’t for me. I’m not a yogi, I don’t even like yoga, and I have no intention of ever enjoying it.” It’s a statement we here over and over again like a broken record. So why do we offer it? Why is Vie Yoga even a thing if the common attitude is that “I’m just not into it, it’s for other people, so I d…

Vie Yoga - Sisterhood and Strength

Hello! We've had multiple people ask us for spring break workouts.  We have created three simple, hotel friendly workouts that can be done with minimal space and equipment. — Workout 1: -15:00 AMRAP- 10/side Mt. climbers 10 DB squat thrusters 10 Inchworms (with pushup) 10 superman lat pulls Workout 2: -TABATA-  Jack squats Burpees (No push-…


I would like to introduce you to someone special- the push-up. Why put ourselves through this love-hate relationship? Love: Push-ups are a compound exercise.  This mean you are involving more than one muscle group at a time.  Basically, more bang for your buck! Hate: You feel like your arms are going to fall off. Love: Can you say muscle definition!  Stron…


    - Exercise of the Week-  Hang Power Clean We know any movement with a barbell can be intimidating and difficult to learn, however once you get past the beginning learning stage they are incredibly fun!  To help you become more comfortable, we have demonstrated a few simple progressions that should help you get from nervous to fun in not time!  Do yourself a f…


  In this post, we will be adding some basic instructional videos on how to do common exercises.  Keep an eye out for a new video each week, and we hope these simple videos make you stronger!   …