Try New foods — Eat Mindfully — Listen to Your Body — The recipes for May are light, fresh, and fun! Just in time for some sunny weather.  There are plenty of grain-free and meat-free options to pick from.  Our goal is to always pick well balanced meals that provide variety for all dietary restrictions.  The common factor, no matter what camp you belo…

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Hello! We've had multiple people ask us for spring break workouts.  We have created three simple, hotel friendly workouts that can be done with minimal space and equipment. — Workout 1: -15:00 AMRAP- 10/side Mt. climbers 10 DB squat thrusters 10 Inchworms (with pushup) 10 superman lat pulls Workout 2: -TABATA-  Jack squats Burpees (No push-…


Eat Right. Feel Amazing. We are springing into April with full intension of cleaning up our nutrition. Our main goal is always to provide 4-6oz of lean protein, veggies, and a serving of carbs. Our vegetarian meal option seemed to be a big hit in March, so let's keep the ball rolling and try new ways to kick it up! We hope there is something for every Vie sister o…

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Hello! We want to address some of the most popular questions and concerns we hear.  You are result driven women, whom we love, and we want to make sure you trust our process. In order to trust us, you have to understand what’s happening. This is where we can help! What is the difference between muscle and fat? — Density! You might have heard this before, but mu…


 Would you like results?  We will hand them over to you on a silver platter.  —  We have something for everyone in March! This plan caters to the "paleo girl", to the "macro girl", all the way to the "vegetarian girl". That's right! #Meatlessmonday, the VieGirls are coming for you! Regardless of each individual's lifestyle, our goal is always 4-6oz. of protein…


  Sister, Sister!   sassy - loyal - family We would love to tell you a little more about our dear members, Riana and Malori.  Yes, they really are sisters within our sisterhood!  They dig rap and hip-hop music and enjoy some good quality girl time.  Riana has a hat pulled low over her eyes and is "hell yes" personified.  Malori comes in with her trendy mar…