If you go to Vie Athletics you’re going to have to plank. Similar to the way Mean Girls wear pink on Wednesday’s, we plank during a lot of workouts. It’s just part of the program. You don’t like planks? That is okay! Physical discomfort and working on movements are hard for all levels of athletes. Good news? We’ve got some tips for you on how to make planking …


The Vie Challenge for March 2018 is an “Abs Challenge”, in which we encourage you to take a greater look at what goes on in your kitchen to refine your abdominal section and core strength. Not everyone wants bulging abdominal muscles and not everyone wants a perfectly flat stomach, and guess what? That’s perfectly okay! What we’re more concerned about? Helping a…


Welcome, March! Spring: A Lovely Reminder of How Beautiful Change Can Really Be. Meal Prep Recipes For March 2018 We're on to the third month of the year already, can you believe it?! How are your New Years Resolutions going? Are you making the progress that you set out to achieve? Either way - we're here for you. Here are our favorite recipes to keep you happy and h…

Recipes: Meal Prep For Women Vie Athletics

"I want to look like her" In a day and age of the fitness revolution and the overwhelming number of social media profiles dedicated to being “healthy”, it’s a no wonder people have completely lost their sense of reality when it comes to the question, “What does it mean to be healthy?”. Whether we recognize it or not, we subconsciously start comparing ourselve…