April Meal Plan


Eat Right. Feel Amazing.

We are springing into April with full intension of cleaning up our nutrition. Our main goal is always to provide 4-6oz of lean protein, veggies, and a serving of carbs. Our vegetarian meal option seemed to be a big hit in March, so let’s keep the ball rolling and try new ways to kick it up!
We hope there is something for every Vie sister on the menu this month. Don’t forget to tag us with your wonderful foodgrams! Accountability is everything girls, show us what you got!
week one
Sweet chili coconut lime grilled chicken & coconut lime cauliflower rice
Chicken Taco Chili
week two
Lemon rosemary turkey meatballs paired with Parmesan roasted carrots
Balsamic chicken and veggies
week three
Black pepper tofu paired with rice
Chicken taco soup
week four
Turkey taco bowl
BBQ chicken casserole with roasted broccoli

 eating well is a form of self-respect.

love, vie


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